Dated: 11th April, 2013


1. The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar hereby announces Invitations of Sealed Bids for Petroleum Operations to be conducted in Myanmar Offshore Areas (Shallow Water and Deep Water Blocks) on production sharing basis.

2. The following Offshore blocks are available for bidding in this bidding round:-

Offshore Shallow Water Blocks

No.BlockAreaType of Contract
(1) A-4 ( Rakhine Offshore Area) PSC
(2) A-5 ( Rakhine Offshore Area) PSC
(3) A-7 ( Rakhine Offshore Area) PSC
(4) M-4 ( Moattama Offshore Area) PSC
(5) M-7 ( Moattama Offshore Area) PSC
(6) M-8 ( Moattama Offshore Area) PSC
(7) M-15 ( Tanintharyi Offshore Area) PSC
(8) M-16 ( Tanintharyi Offshore Area) PSC
(9) M-17 ( Tanintharyi Offshore Area) PSC
(10) M-18 ( Tanintharyi Offshore Area) PSC
(11) YEB ( Tanintharyi Offshore Area) PSC


Offshore Deep Water Blocks


No.BlockAreaType of Contract
(1) AD-2 ( Rakhine Offshore Area) PSC
(2) AD-3 ( Rakhine Offshore Area) PSC
(3) AD-4 ( Rakhine Offshore Area) PSC
(4) AD-5 ( Rakhine Offshore Area) PSC
(5) AD-9 ( Rakhine Offshore Area) PSC
(6) AD-10 ( Rakhine Offshore Area) PSC
(7) AD-11 ( Rakhine Offshore Area) PSC
(8) AD-12 ( Rakhine Offshore Area) PSC
(9) AD-13 ( Rakhine Offshore Area) PSC
(10) AD-14 ( Rakhine Offshore Area) PSC
(11) AD-15 ( Rakhine Offshore Area) PSC
(12) AD-16 ( Rakhine Offshore Area) PSC
(13) MD-1 ( Moattama Offshore Area) PSC
(14) MD-2 ( Moattama Offshore Area) PSC
(15) MD-3 ( Moattama Offshore Area) PSC
(16) MD-4 ( Tanintharyi Offshore Area) PSC
(17) MD-5 ( Tanintharyi Offshore Area) PSC
(18) MD-6 ( Tanintharyi Offshore Area) PSC
(19) YWB ( Tanintharyi Offshore Area) PSC

3. All interested parties are cordially invited to submit “ the Letter of Expression of Interest”, together with Company’s Article of Association (AOA), Memorandum of Association (MOA), Certificate of Incorporation, latest Annual Report and latest Financial Statement (or) Financial Report and Detailed Track Record, which are to be endorsed for authenticity by the respective Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar at the place of Company’s registration (or) establishment or nearest, in sealed envelopes superscripted “Confidential” “Myanmar Offshore Blocks First Building Round-2013” to the following address and the closing date and time for receiving the submissions will be 14th June 2013 at 16:30 hours.
Director General
Energy Planning Department
Ministry of Energy
Building No.6, Nay Pyi Taw
The Republic of the Union of Myanmar

4. The“Letter of Expression of Interest” must be submitted together with all the documents mentioned in above paragraph3. If the “Letter of Expression of Interest” is not accompanied by all the documents mentioned in above paragraph3, it will not be considered. Also if the submission is not received at the Ministry of Energy within the stated closing date and date of 14thJune 2013 at 16:30 hours, the late arrivals will not be considered.

5. The petroleum operation shall be conducted on production sharing basis and the party(s), who desire to enter into the Production Sharing Contract (PSC) with the Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) must have technical competency, financial capability, experience, expertise and technical know-how to conduct petroleum exploration and development works in Offshore areas and must have good track record with respect to offshore petroleum operations.

6. The potential bidders will be pre-qualified and selected. Then the potential bidders who passed pre-qualification will be presented with General Overview of each Block consisting of representative data and information, free of charge, by Geological/ Geophysical Team of Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise.

7. The potential bidders will also be explained and provided with Standard Terms and Conditions of both Shallow Water and Deep Water Blocks by Energy Planning Department, in order to submit proposal(s).

8. The potential bidders will be allowed to submit up to three (3) proposals for any three (3) offshore blocks (Shallow Water and/ or Deep Water and/ or both) together with proposed Terms and Conditions. The proposal submitted shall be on a block by block basis.

9. Due to time limitation and in anticipation to interests shown by many international oil companies, there will be no negotiation with respect to proposed terms and conditions. Hence, potential bidders have a single chance to submit their proposed terms and conditions and the submitted proposed term and condition must be a final one and non-negotiable.

10. The potential bidders’ proposed Term and Conditions together with other relevant information as stated in above paragraph 3, will be evaluated and the best offered Terms and Conditions will be selected for awarding.

11. The potential bidders must cooperate with a minimum of one(1) Myanmar national owned company registered at Energy Planning Department, Ministry of Energy, of their own choosing in Shallow Water Blocks. The potential bidders must conduct Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) without participation of any Myanmar national owned company in Deep Water Blocks.

12. Energy Planning Department will provide the list of Myanmar national owned companies registered at Energy Planning Department to interested foreign companies, for Shallow Water Blocks.

Director General
Energy Planning Department
Ministry of Energy

Address : Building No.6, Nay Pyi Taw, The Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Tel: 95-67- 411 099/ 411 057
Fax: 95-67- 411 113
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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