Myanmar Culture

Myanmar Culture

Myanmar culture is composed of strands of belief systems as in the case of other cultures. These strands are;

• nature worship
• animism
• ancestor worship
• Hindu Brahmenism which are pre-Buddhist cultural strands and
• Buddhism of both Mahayana and Theravada schools.

The major portion of Myanmar culture is dominated by Theravada Buddhism. Though Theravada Buddhism permeates all aspects of Myanmar culture, cultures of pre-Buddhist beliefs co-exist or linger on in daily life of the people.
Evidences are not far to seek or see. Natural phenomena are marvelled at, revered and venerated. Animism which in Myanmar is nat (spirit) worship is still prevalent as can be seen in many regional and local nat festivals and natshrines through out the country. Ancestors and elders dead or alive occupy position of respect, reverence and reference and consultation for their wisdom and advice. Planetary posts surround almost every main pagoda to receive propitiation by those who have counselled with Hindu astrologers. In order to study almost every aspect about Myanmar Culture, please see; Myanmar Culture

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Myanmar Tradition

People with a basic knowledge of the culture and tradition of Myanmar will find it easy to live with its citizens without friction or discord, and leave in the same fashion. Though Myanmar social customs are quite flexible, the ground rules are important for convivial inter change. In order to study almost every aspect about Myanmar Tradition, please see; Myanmar Tradition

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